How it works

Snoboxx partners with local restaurants to deliver complete boxed meals to your Apartment or Workplace.

Available Daily


12:15 PM – 1:30PM 

Order by 11:00 AM. Orders placed after 11:00 AM may be canceled and refunded.


6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Order by 5:00 PM.  Orders placed after 5:00 PM may be canceled and refunded.

Unavailable on holidays.

Delivery Driver (Snoboxxer) will call/text you upon arrival. Please make sure you are available to receive your Snoboxx.

Apartment: Snoboxxer will wait in front of apartment leasing office.

Workplace: Snoboxxer will wait at curbside or in front of/in the office lobby.

Snoboxxer will wait a maximum of 10 mins. After this time they will have to continue on their delivery route.

Please do not tip our drivers.

Snoboxx provides generous compensation to our Snoboxxers. Therefore we kindly request that you do not tip them. They are strictly instructed not to accept any tips.

Snoboxx will be unavailable during inclement weather. It is also possible Snoboxx may not deliver due to other unforeseen circumstances including traffic conditions and inability to find your delivery location. Your payment will be refunded if Snoboxx is unable to deliver.

Please do not contact restaurants regarding Snoboxx orders.

If you have any questions or don’t recieve your email confirmation, please contact us at